We provide a way to control stiff shoulders.


To you who aim at the root improvement of the stiff neck
Kiki Osteopathic Clinic

Located in Mukaioka, Bunkyo-ku東大前はりkiki整骨院I am particularly good at the treatment of stiff neck. After asking what reasons have caused stiff shoulders, such as "stiff shoulders are hard in desk work" and "the same posture continues in the care of children and stiff shoulders are concerned", we perform the procedure according to the condition of each person's body.

If you are worried about stiff shoulders that do not get better easily, by all means東大前はりkiki整骨院Please contact us. It is possible to make a reservation on the day if there is a reservation only a full reservation.東大前はりkiki整骨院in addition to the treatment, we also provide advice on daily life and diet.

Do you have any problems like this?

・The shoulder does not go up by forty shoulders and fifty shoulders.
Suffer from chronic stiff shoulders due to long-term desk work
・Often take the same posture, such as hugging or breastfeeding, stiff shoulders...
・My stiff shoulders came out because of my stress and tiredness.
I spent a lot of time reading and studying, and I started to worry about stiff shoulders.
Eyes became tired easily, and the stiff neck came out because of it.
Such as

The reason for stiff shoulders is for each person.
東大前はりkiki整骨院In, we deal with all types of stiff shoulders. Once you know how to control stiff shoulders, you won't be bothered by stiff shoulders. We provide you with a way to control stiff shoulders after knowing exactly what causes stiff shoulders.

東大前はりkiki整骨院Strengths and Commitment

I will explain logically and tell you what the customer can continue without difficulty. We offer custom-made treatment, so please contact us first.

Facilities and Facilities

I also take care of hygiene. Gloves, petri ness and acupuncture are disposable, and slippers take advantage of the disinfectant light.

During the operation, we take into consideration the details, such as not touching the body fluids of the guests, and removing the fluorescent light on the bed so that you can relax and receive the treatment.

Greetings from the Director

東大前はりkiki整骨院is compatible with various upsets, but we are particularly pleased with the stiff shoulders.
There is a wish that we want people to lead a life without stiff shoulders by identifying the cause of the slump and reviewing the habits of life.
2Our goal is to be able to control stiff shoulders through a program once a week (10 times in total).


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